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Don’t you hate it when you begin reading a book only to be slapped in the face with clichéd writing? As a voracious reader of mysteries and a writer of the genre, I think a mystery novel can be one of the worst offenders. But I want to hear from you. What is your most despised mystery cliché?
List of Most Despised Mystery Clichés
- The butler did it.
- The evil twin did it.
- It was all a dream.
- A female character has “legs up to here.”
- The divorced, alcoholic cop.
- The hooker with a heart of gold.
- The hot-dogging, out-of-control, rogue cop.
- The genius detective who uses his archaic knowledge to solve the crime just in the nick of time.
- After the cranky veteran cop’s partner gets killed in the line of duty, he’s assigned a screw-up rookie partner.

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